IFO2800 series of products are innovative connectivity devices that are capable of transmitting high definition video, audio, and control signals simultaneously down one thin, transparent, fiber cable at distances up to 300M. These products use no compression, and support Hollywood approved content protection, HDCP. Focused on improving the digital home, these products allow consumers to place their home electronics in the most convenient places in the home without breaking open walls to pull cables around.

FO2800/FO2850 make it easy to setup whole house video and audio distribution. By using an external A/V switch, one set of source devices can be accessed by multiple displays located in various places throughout the home. Each display can access a separate video and audio source, making it possible, for example, to watch a sports event while listening to your music.

FO2800/FO2850 is also well suited for commercial applications, such as sports bars, digital signage/public display, gyms, etc. because of the length and quality of transmission distance. Right now, many commercial TVs are still standard def, because transmitting high def signals is very challenging and costly. With FO2800/FO2850 the cost and challenge of installation is much less.

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